I love writing, but apparently I don't have any talent, or I can't find it (if it's something you can find), so my dream of becoming a writer is just that. I'm a lawyer now (yup, no kidding).

Anyway, I love books, music, movies, pizza, lemon pie and people with good sense of humor.  If you don't have any, if you make Mary Bennet look funny, interesting and witty, or if you're a fanatic that's still not acquainted with the fact that people have their own personal taste and therefore, their own opinions about books, music, movies, etc., so you can't bear that another person dislikes your favorite book, song, movie, etc., then please don't talk to me. Let's save the awkwardness :)

La caida de la casa usher y otros cuentos (Biblioteca clasica y contemporanea) - Edgar Allan Poe I don't like these kind of genres, that much. But Poe is a beautiful exception. He's brilliant at creating weird atmospheres, although sometimes it seems those descriptions are too long, with women dying all over the place. However, it's not difficult to get into the stories and feel real emotion.I really liked William Wilson, I liked Ms. Found in a Bottle, The Oval Portrait, the art of losing a wife by gaining a painting. Ligeia, I don't quite get it yet. That one and others are creepily ok. Death, terror, murders, madness, vulnerability, loneliness. A nice journey in a truly interesting writing style. I need some Seinfeld now.

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American Gods
Neil Gaiman
The Brothers Karamazov
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear
The Decameron
G.H. McWilliam, Giovanni Boccaccio
Final del juego
Julio Cortázar
The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins