I love writing, but apparently I don't have any talent, or I can't find it (if it's something you can find), so my dream of becoming a writer is just that. I'm a lawyer now (yup, no kidding).

Anyway, I love books, music, movies, pizza, lemon pie and people with good sense of humor.  If you don't have any, if you make Mary Bennet look funny, interesting and witty, or if you're a fanatic that's still not acquainted with the fact that people have their own personal taste and therefore, their own opinions about books, music, movies, etc., so you can't bear that another person dislikes your favorite book, song, movie, etc., then please don't talk to me. Let's save the awkwardness :)

The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli This is no Little Prince, that's for sure. You must kill the fox, burn the rose, murder the businessman, if any of them tries to take control over your princedom. There's no time to be nice! There's only time to seem to be nice. At the end of the day, it's better to be feared than loved, if you can't be both. But, keep in mind chapter 23. Anyway, The Prince was written in the 16th century, and some of its ideas are too contemporary. It's a major treatise that influenced political leaders, through history. He's widely regarded as the father of modern politics, by taking away any trace of theology and morality from his works. (That's something no one has ever said before.) I should have read it long ago, but everything has its time, I guess. So, there's a lot of concepts that should stay in the book. A few you can apply in ordinary circumstances. But, it delivers what you're waiting for, if you want to know how to have and keep power to yourself, no matter the head you're crushing, and all with a straight-forward prose. It's short, easy to understand --even though the concept of achieving glory, power and survival, no matter how immoral you have to be..., it's not tough to get; THAT we get. All that cruelty, wickedness, immorality; all those things apparently needed to achieve greatness, printed long ago in the form of a little book, just like that... From a twisted point of view, sometimes, it's almost a bit funny. I enjoyed this book. “There is no other way to guard yourself against flattery than by making men understand that telling you the truth will not offend you.” Nice.

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